March 4 invitation: Women resist Canadian mining exploitation

International Women’s Day 2012
In Defense of Mother Earth
Teach-in, workshops, cultural activities
Sunday, March 4,  9 am to 4:30 pm
6767 Côte-des-neiges
Montréal, February 5, 2012

Women are playing a crucial role in resisting a surge of mining and development aggression taking place in Canada and around the world, led by Canadian corporations.

We will hear from some of these amazing women, and echo and celebrate their voices on Sunday March 4, at the annual International Women’s Day event organized by Women of Diverse Origins of Montreal (WDO), an alliance of grassroots community groups.  Since 2002, WDO have organized an International Women’s Day march and event that reflects our awareness about the world context and the role of our own struggles and actions in effecting change.

The actions of Canadian mining giants, and the Canadian governments doing their bidding are part of an economic recovery plan to keep profits generating for the business elite. Whether it be through Premier Charest’s Plan Nord in Quebec, or the Harper government’s courting of First Nations leaders, governments are plying these corporations with subsidies, tax holidays, finding ways to help them circumvent or ignore the territorial rights of farmers and indigenous people. This is happening on Mohawk land around Montreal, in more remote parts of Canada, as well as in Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Congo, India and other parts of the world.

Women are on the ground with their communities resisting this aggression, and are often criminalized and even killed to make way for bulldozers and trucks. Many of our own community members came to Canada as migrant workers because of the destruction and displacement caused by Canadian mining companies in their countries of origin.

Our International Women’s Day activity will focus on their experiences. We will hear from delegations just back from the Philippines and Colombia, who have witnessed first-hand the impact of mining in those countries, as well as from women of indigenous communities closer to home. We will share campaigns, have a choir workshop and other cultural activities, and of course, share some good food. We will also be making banners and placards for our yearly March 8 demonstration, which will depart on March 8 at 6 pm from Norman Bethune Square in front of Guy metro.

For information, contact:;    see
All are welcome.  Suggested donation at the door $5 (no one turned away).
Translation and Daycare provided.


One response to “March 4 invitation: Women resist Canadian mining exploitation

    The continuing history of oil and mining exploitation.

    We have posted your news report on women protesting mining exploitation.
    Oil & mining exploitation is a worldwide plague:

    The docudrama feature EARTH SPIRIT reflects the Worldwide struggle by indigenous peoples to follow prophecy against exploitation and pollution of their land::

    The documentary and docudrama trilogy PROPHECY & POLLUTION presents the fulfillment of prophecy in history with shocking images:

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