The world in which we mark this year’s International Women’s Day is a world at war propelled by imperialist nations and multinational corporations. The March 8 Collective of Women of Diverse Origins denounces the hypocrisy of the Canadian government, the elites and states that claim to fight on our behalf for freedom and democracy.

On March 8, we invite women of all origins and the most vulnerable among us who are stigmatized, despised and rejected by the economic, social and anti-democratic policies adopted by governments in Quebec, Ottawa and in many countries around the world, to demonstrate and take to the streets, to denounce them and to declare that we will build the world we want!

Poster eng 8 mars 2015We denounce Quebec and Ottawa for their neoliberal policies — cuts and attacks on health services, education, childcare, energy rates, transportation, employment insurance and the most fundamental rights, to a decent life, to dignity and to work. The excuse is the economic crisis that world capitalism and the states that serve it have themselves caused. We also denounce the laws and policies in Canada and Quebec, attacking the rights of immigrant and refugee women and their families, temporary workers who will never get permanent status, creating a permanent class of sub-citizens. This state racism endorses discrimination, Islamophobia – where Muslim women are particularly targeted – and paranoia against minorities.

We denounce the hypocrisy of states that loudly publicize their denunciation of crimes against women, for example the victims of Boko Haram, while they exhibit double standards, like Canada’s indifference when it comes to the missing and murdered native women here. We denounce the danger of militarization of society, increased state surveillance of individuals, increased military and police presence, preventive arrests and extraditions in Canada and elsewhere. The world is scarred by imperialist, patriarchal and colonialist policies, such as those of the United States and its allies in the Middle East. By funding and arming reactionary forces and fundamentalist states they have triggered chaos in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and stood by while Palestine was brutally attacked.. We denounce and reject the spurious “war on terror” and stand in solidarity with women around the world who are among its victims. This is all Canada and its allies offer to improve the world. This war is a continuation of   economic suffocation, plunder and colonialist policies. This “war on terror” only wreaks havoc, destruction, repression and civilian casualties … but no solution. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the attacks on Kanehsatà:ke by Quebec and Canada — state violence that attempted to criminalize the Mohawk people who were resisting capitalist exploitation of their land, in a continuum of colonialism that started over 500 years ago.

We resist. We organize and we will build a world free from the oppressions of patriarchy, racism, capitalism and class inequality, religion and imperialism! We will build a world where economics will be based on meeting peoples’ basic needs of housing, childcare, work, food, health and human security. We will build a world without oppression, where power is in the hands of the majority, not concentrated in the hands of the minority of the most rich!

• We will demonstrate at the side of native women on February 14 to protest the murders and disappearance of their daughters, sisters, mothers;
• We will participate with the World March of Women on April 24 in solidarity with the women workers of Bangladesh to commemorate the hundreds of victims killed when their factory collapsed;
• We reaffirm our solidarity with the women of Palestine who have resisted with their people for generations to assert their right to exist and their right to their land.
• We salute the women who organize resistance against the aggression of Canadian mining companies from here to Ecuador, the Congo and the Philippines!


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