8 mars – March 8 2015 : Construisons le monde que nous voulons! / Building the World We Want!

Group shot end Forum FDO-WDO IWD 2015

Speakers both local and international, from indigenous women, to Muslim women, a Palestinian woman and migrant workers inspired all those present. Here they are with the organizers. Build the World We Want! was the theme. / Des oratrices, locales et internationales, femmes autochtones, femmes musulmanes, une femme Palestinienne, des travailleuses migrants ont inspiré toutes et tous les participants. Les voici avec les organisatrices.

La marche a commencé à 13 hr 30 – on a regroupé féministes, syndicalistes, femmes autochtones, employées des postes, de la fonction publique, travailleuses migrants, médecins, environnementalistes – plus de 1000 participants – on marchait contre la militarisation,  contre l’austérité, pour construire le monde que nous voulons. La marche a abouti devant les bureaux du premier ministre du Québec, avec une danse par le groupe des femmes philippines: Un milliard de femmes se lèvent – pour la révolution! et des percussions de la batucada! Bonne journée des femmes à toutes et tous!

The march began at 1:30 PM and brought together feminists, union activists, indigenous women, postal workers and other government and private sector workers, migrant workers, doctors, environmentalists-over 1000 participants- we marched against austerity: To build the world we want! The march concluded with a dance by the Philippine women’s group Pinay, called One Billion Rising -f or Revolution! and the percussions of the Batucada! Happy Working Women’s Day to all!

IMG_20150308_133854  IMG_20150308_134153 IMG_20150308_134503  IMG_20150308_141256 IMG_20150308_141852 IMG_20150308_141900 IMG_20150308_141911 IMG_20150308_141943 IMG_20150308_142105   IMG_20150308_144113 IMG_20150308_144402 IMG_20150308_144443 IMG_20150308_144626IMG_20150308_133913


One thought on “8 mars – March 8 2015 : Construisons le monde que nous voulons! / Building the World We Want!

  1. I went to this panel discussion (and the rally afterwards) and would very much like to read more about the organisations and ideas the women presented. I retained a few of the speakers’ names, such as Ellen Gabriel and Samia Botmeh, and organisations, such as PINAY and CTI, but forgot the majority of them (I should have taken notes!). Is there anywhere that I may consult a list of the names of the participants in the panel?

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