This was the theme on the banner at the head of the march as close to 800 people took to the streets of Montreal on the evening of March 8, answering the call by Women of Diverse Origins who were organizing the march for the 15th consecutive year .

Supported by the Quebec Women’s Federation and several unions and social institutions, the participants listened to brief speeches before the march began in downtown Cabot Square and took to the streets chanting slogans like: Bienvenue aux réfugiés, le racism c’est assez (Refugees in, racism, out!) Libérons-nous de l’oppression, Luttons contre l’exploitation (Liberation from oppression, let us fight exploitation!) along the course of the march.

Speeches from a young Mohawk woman, from a representative of the Council of Muslim Women, from OPDS a welfare rights organization, from Filipino indigenous people of Québec, from youth centres experiencing cutbacks, from the Proletarian Feminist Front and others marked the start and some stops during the march.

As we marched along St. Catherine street, the slogans were interspersed with upbeat music pealing out of the loudspeakers, creating a political-festive atmosphere that keep up the rhythm of the march.

On arrival at Philipps Square, the end of the march, a group of Kurdish women took the the centre (streeet) stage with a traditional dance to rousing Kurdish music. Many joined in and it was an envigorating end to a successful march. A great way to spend the evening of International Women’s Day!

Thanks to Isabelle Lévèsque – and Journal Métro for photos.


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