WOMEN OF DIVERSE ORIGINS DENOUNCES the US ATTACK ON SYRIA of  6th April.  Women of Diverse Origins is an organization of women committed to peace with justice and opposed to imperialism, colonialism and militarism in all its forms. We see the US attack as an act of imperialist aggression.  That it was carried out without any semblance of approval by the United Nations or even with President Trump’s own Congress makes it as well a violation of international law and domestic law.

This is very much in the tradition of earlier interventions and regime change actions as happened in Iraq and Libya.  We are seeing the disastrous consequences of this continuing to unfold for the peoples of the region. Lies about weapons of mass destruction housed by Saddam Hussein in Iraq generated sympathy and legitimacy for the invasion of that country. Those who warned that the evidence was concocted were drowned out.

We are seeing the same thing unfold in Syria today.  And we believe it is a matter of great urgency for people around the world to take note and to pressure their governments to take a stand and not condone this US imperialist action. There has been no investigation of claims that Syrian state actions were behind the chemical weapons tragedy.  It was simply stated and then it has gotten repeated continuously in media loops again and again. And it has become the truth!  Despite the lack of factual evidence, the so-called world community (because it is led by imperialists and colonialists who see it as in their best strategic and economic interests) have all condoned the action.  And the main media have been quick to follow and reiterate the stated impetus – chemical attack on “innocent” Syrian civilians.

As Women of Diverse Origins we do not support authoritarian regimes, but we believe that only the people themselves can decide on the future of their country. The fact that Saudi Arabia is implicated in the Syrian movement against Assad needs to be noted.  The fact that Saudi Arabia is involved in bombing, death and destruction in Yemen where one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and the largest food security emergency in the world (as identified by the UN) is unfolding as a result, but that Saudi Arabia has the support and complicity of the world is a very telling reality.  Why is there a double standard?  Civilian populations and humanitarian crises anywhere should get the same attention.  But the fact is that, for example, Canada, which has supported the US attack on Syria, has not halted its sale of armed military vehicles to Saudi Arabia, along with other countries such as Britain which sells arms to the Saudi state.

Today as the government of Canada officially memorializes the centenary of the World War I battle of Vimy Ridge, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau spoke at the ceremony in Vimy of “Canada’s enduring commitment to peace” and speaking in the name of Canadians said “Never again”, the words ring hollow and the world is closer than ever today to World War III.  We cannot remain silent.  We must speak out with great urgency. We must halt the threat to world peace.


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