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“Je définis la paix non comme l’absence de guerre, mais comme la présence de la justice et l’absence de peur.”  Ursula Franklin, (1921-2016)

À l’occasion de la Journée internationale des femmes de 2017, le Comité pour le 8 mars des femmes de diverses origines  invite toutes les femmes et leurs allié.e.s à célébrer la résistance des femmes  face aux différentes forces qui violent leurs vies et celles de leurs familles et de leurs communautés, leurs terres, leurs droits et libertés. Historiquement, les femmes ont été à l’avant-garde des mouvements et des révolutions  défiant le patriarcat, le colonialisme, l’impérialisme et le capitalisme.

Parmi les nombreuses femmes d’ici et ailleurs dans le monde qui résistent à l’inégalité et à la guerre, saluons la détermination des femmes kurdes luttant courageusement contre l’impérialisme pour leur autodétermination. Ces dernières années, elles ont été une formidable force de combat contre Daesh, les mettant sur un pied d’égalité dans leurs communautés. Quant aux femmes de la Palestine, les plus touchées par l’occupation militaire la plus longue de l’histoire, elles se tiennent  toujours debout, défiant  et résistant l’apartheid meurtrier de l’État sioniste  au quotidien. Continue reading


8 mars – March 8 2015 : Construisons le monde que nous voulons! / Building the World We Want!

Group shot end Forum FDO-WDO IWD 2015

Speakers both local and international, from indigenous women, to Muslim women, a Palestinian woman and migrant workers inspired all those present. Here they are with the organizers. Build the World We Want! was the theme. / Des oratrices, locales et internationales, femmes autochtones, femmes musulmanes, une femme Palestinienne, des travailleuses migrants ont inspiré toutes et tous les participants. Les voici avec les organisatrices.

La marche a commencé à 13 hr 30 – on a regroupé féministes, syndicalistes, femmes autochtones, employées des postes, de la fonction publique, travailleuses migrants, médecins, environnementalistes – plus de 1000 participants – on marchait contre la militarisation,  contre l’austérité, pour construire le monde que nous voulons. La marche a abouti devant les bureaux du premier ministre du Québec, avec une danse par le groupe des femmes philippines: Un milliard de femmes se lèvent – pour la révolution! et des percussions de la batucada! Bonne journée des femmes à toutes et tous!

The march began at 1:30 PM and brought together feminists, union activists, indigenous women, postal workers and other government and private sector workers, migrant workers, doctors, environmentalists-over 1000 participants- we marched against austerity: To build the world we want! The march concluded with a dance by the Philippine women’s group Pinay, called One Billion Rising -f or Revolution! and the percussions of the Batucada! Happy Working Women’s Day to all!

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Annonce-video 8 mars 2013! / Video Call-Out for March 8 2013!

Vidéo par/by Noushin Nasri.

Venez manifester le vendredi 8 mars à Montréal! Pour la 13 e année consécutive, organisé par le Comité 8 mars de femmes de diverses origines et ses alliés. Le thème: Les femmes se lèvent contre la violence des oppresseurs!

All out to the demonstration Friday, March 8, 2013 in Montreal! For the 13th consecutive year, organized by March 8 Committee of Women of Diverse Origins. The theme: Women Rise Up Against the Violence!

Movimiento Mesoamericano contra el modelo extractivo minero

Reunidos en Valle de Siria, Honduras; los días 26, 27, 28 y 29 de enero, delegaciones nacionales de Panamá, Costa Rica, Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala, México y con la participación de representantes de organizaciones solidarias de Estados Unidos y de Canadá para debatir, intercambiar y establecer acuerdos de lucha en contra del modelo minero extractivo que actualmente hostiga nuestros territorios.

La agresión de las mineras en la región mesoamericana se ha venido agudizando aceleradamente, en el marco de la implementación del modelo de acumulación neoliberal; el modelo extractivo minero se caracteriza por ser un proceso agresor, depredador y manipulador que posiciona los intereses económicos por encima de la vida misma, la sostenibilidad del ambiente y la diversidad cultural. Es un modelo perverso y sin ética, que utiliza el “maquillaje verde”, la responsabilidad social empresarial y se autodefine como “minería verde, sustentable y responsable”, que promueve en nuestros países el falso mito del “desarrollo” y la “economía verde”, y se basa en los supuestos avances tecnológicos que sirven para destruir en el menor tiempo posible los territorios.

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Message of Angie Ipong, former political prisoner in the Philippines, for IWD 2011

Angie Ipong, a peace advocate in the Philippines who devoted her life to the cause of peace and human rights, was arrested on March 8, 2005 by armed men who identified themselves as members of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the Police. Upon her unjustified arrest, Angie was disappeared for 14 days and subjected to sexual abuse and torture. She was later incarcerated at the Pagadian City Jail and slapped with fabricated cases of arson and murder. In February 17, 2011, upon dismissal of the cases filed against her, 66-year old Angie was finally released from prison.

Below is Angie’s letter written in English:

At last I am free! After 6 years of prison life, I cherish with great joy the freedom won, dismissed of all the charges.

Today, International Women’s Day, the day I was abducted brings back the memory of that terrible ordeal I passed through in the hands of my captors. Illegally detained, tortured, sexually molested and landed in jail to stay for 6 years.

Now, I could not imagine how I have managed to cope up with all the fears, anguish, boredom, loneliness, and all the challenges I went through in these 6 years. I know my captors wanted me to rot in jail, get cowed and bow down but I always believe that to give ourselves for service to our people, to do what is good, what is right and just, in the end, the truth will triumph. Imprisonment becomes an integral consequence of our commitment.

Indeed in my 6 years of prison life I never felt I wasted my stay. The guiding voice I clung to which gave me the strength could be summed up in these few quotes:

“Bloom where you are planted”

“Prison walls, iron bars and barbed wires can only imprison the body but not our mind, our thoughts and what we stand for.

With these I tried to learn many things in jail and put them into practice. Whether it was creating and tending the organic vegetable garden, or sewing, making indigenous cards, cooking, sharing and bonding with inmates, making culture and arts flourish, pushing for reforms inside the jail. All these kept me busy and productive.

Of course my 6 years in jail would have been really unbearable without the help of our fellow political detainees, fellow inmates, good and understanding jail authorities and guards.

The untiring efforts of my brother and sisters, my daughter, my closest kins, my lawyers, human and women’s rights advocates here and abroad have helped so much in giving us comfort through visits, hastening resolution of our cases, helping us with our needs.

All these buoyed up my spirit, gave me the strength and courage and kept me whole and intact. Thank you so much.

I wish that the ordeal I suffered in the hands of my captors would never happen again. It is demeaning to one’s womanhood.

I know there are still so many political prisoners languishing in jail especially women political detainees. I hope they too would soon be freed. There is no sense and no humanity in keeping them rot in jail when their productive and reproductive capacities could be tapped and maximized and be of great service to our people as molders of our youth and society.