Women of Diverse Origins/ International Women’s Alliance – Call for Interns

The March 8th Committee of Women of Diverse Origins is offering internship positions for Gender/Women’s Studies students who can be credited for their organizing work.  The intern will participate in the historical foundation and organization of the International Women’s Alliance.

Information: At a time when wars of aggression and violence against women are raging, as inequalities and social injustice reign and the systemic crisis continues, it is time more than ever to unite in a movement that brings together women of all races and cultures with an international perspective, to oppose war and promote human progress and social justice.

In June 2008 the annual conference for the International League of the Peoples Struggle (a coalition of more than 200 groups world wide) was hosted in Hong Kong. It was decided there that the March 8th Committee of Women of Diverse Origins would host the International Women’s Conference in Montréal in August of 2010. The conference, titled “Building a Global Militant Women’s Movement in the 21st Century” focused on women’s issues throughout the world through an anti-imperialist framework.

The conference brought in delegates from all over the world; workers and intellectuals, women from the peasantry and farmers. youth, indigenous women, immigrants, refugees, displaced persons and anti-imperialist activists. Some speaker and workshop topics included Women Workers, Women and Migration, Women Fighting Racism and Discrimination, The Struggles of Indigenous Women, Women Resisting Wars of Imperialist Aggression, Women and Religion, Women’s Sexual Orientation and Identities, Women and Health, Violence Against Women, Women’s Experiences with Socialism and National liberation Movements, Women Resisting Development Aggression, Women from the peasantry/rural lands, and Women`s Experiences: From the Parliament of the Streets to the Parliament of the State.

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This is an exciting opportunity for students to gain practical experience in closing the gap between theory and practice through the understanding and formulation of various grassroots organizing strategies and local/global solidarity initiatives.

Potential tasks include:
-Inter-city communication, outreach, and coordination with other women’s groups in Canada and abroad
-Attending regular meetings
-Working in collaboration with a diverse group of women
-Drawing tasks from meetings and doing follow-up
-Finalizing the International Women’s Alliance Constitution and Basis of Unity
-Documenting post-conference events and general organizational tasks

This could be a full-time or part-time.
Bilingualism is a strong asset.

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