Every year, we march down the streets of Montreal and assert our power to fight for our futures and demand justice for all. We take to the streets to celebrate and stand in solidarity with the daily struggles of all women, here, on occupied Indigenous land and throughout the world.

In 2009, we encouraged people to wear masks to protest the proposed municipal by-law criminalizing those who cover their faces at demonstrations and rallies. We encouraged those marching with us to wear masks to show their solidarity with those who are forced to conceal their identity to voice their dissent : the non-status people who are nabbed by border agents when they speak out against deportations and detentions, the women who are afraid of protesting against gender violence for fear of being targeted by their abusive partners, the Indigenous communities defending their lands and livelihoods against military invasion, the youth who wear masks to avoid more police brutality and racial profiling, the racialized communities who are constantly harassed and targeted by the state under the pretence of “national security”, those who face political repression, and with people all around the world who continue to fight for justice.

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