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This was the theme on the banner at the head of the march as close to 800 people took to the streets of Montreal on the evening of March 8, answering the call by Women of Diverse Origins who were organizing the march for the 15th consecutive year .

Supported by the Quebec Women’s Federation and several unions and social institutions, the participants listened to brief speeches before the march began in downtown Cabot Square and took to the streets chanting slogans like: Bienvenue aux réfugiés, le racism c’est assez (Refugees in, racism, out!) Libérons-nous de l’oppression, Luttons contre l’exploitation (Liberation from oppression, let us fight exploitation!) along the course of the march. Continue reading


Photos – Manif 8 mars 2013/Demo March 8 2013

young women yellingFront bannerBlue banner CUDrummers-March8-2013 ShahrzadBlue bannerFemmes dansentFingers point OBRMCVI bannerFuck patriarchypancartes 1Ramani et bannerPancartes 2SAWCC bannerBannerMarch8-2013Shahrzad

Mask-making workshop-group